Here's your chance to get up close and personal with Ed Kowalczyk!

Have you ever wished you could get a personalized, special message from Ed K for a friend, loved one or for your own special occasion?  Maybe a "Happy Birthday!",  "Congratulations!",  or even a personal performance for just you and your friends with through a video-chat?  Well now you can!

In response to the many requests we've received from Ed's wonderful fans (like yourself), we are now offering a few options for your own personalized experience with Ed.  Whether you'd like a short video, a mini-concert or a video-chat, we can personalize this just for you!

Click on the options tab above to learn more about our personalized experiences with Ed himself.


​"The highlight of our wedding was without a doubt the video from Ed. My wife had no idea, and I played it on a big screen with her seated in the center of the floor. She was so confused about what was happening and when Ed said our names and wished us all the best she cried - in fact, she bawled. It was the most amazing couple of minutes and the most special surprise for her. People in the room either cried too or were speechless as to how I made it happen. Please pass this on to Ed so he knows how special he made our day."

- Craig M. from Australia